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A Glorious Day To Fly - The Russell Air Show, Niagara Falls Ontario   by John Richmond
The 6 th and 7 th of June, this year saw brought about an invasion on prop-driven aircraft to Russell Aviation in Niagara Falls again this year, as Fran and Ed Russell held the annual Russell Aviation Group Air Show. Entitled “Friendly Foes over the Falls”, this year’s show brought together aircraft and pilots from both sides of the border to entertain and thrill spectators young and not so young.

In addition to the wonderful array of aircraft from the Sliver Dart to the C-130, numerous historical groups set up shop to offer attendees the opportunity to view several pieces of vintage equipment from pages throughout our history.

Airplanes, bi-planes and tri-planes all took to the sky to impress the large crowd with their aeronautical feats of flying fundamentals – not to mention the odd non-fundamental roll and flip.

Of historical interest was the dedication of a tower plaque to honour “Charlie Fox”, a Canadian WW II Ace credited with having a significant impact on the outcome of the African Campaign. While conducting a strafing run against a German convoy in North Africa, Charlie was credited with wounding ‘The Desert Fox’, General Rommel, which resulted in Rommel being forced to depart Africa and return to Germany.

Ed Russell started the Russell Aviation Group air show several years ago, by holding a private function in order to celebrate the Battle of Britain with friends and co-workers. The show was opened to the public the following year. Russell owns several of the planes that fly in the show. An architect by trade, he is an avid historian and aircraft enthusiast.

Check out the photos and try to identify the aircraft and/or equipment shown.

Click on image for a slideshow
Click on image for a slideshow