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For information on how to launch a GCC in your local area, or for a presentation to your community group or association, please contact:

Breakout Educational Network
[email protected]

Educational Initiatives - GCC London

Bursaries awarded to local students by
GCC London

London’s Garrison Community Council awards student bursaries to serving members of local military units who are enrolled in a post-secondary educational programme.

The proceeds of the bursary may be used for any educational expense. Application forms are made available at your unit headquarters. Bursary application deadline is usually in mid to late November and bursaries are awarded in December.

Student Bursary Programme, Garrison Community Council
c/o Wolseley Barracks Officers’ Mess,
701 Oxford Street East, London ON N5Y 4T7

Educational Initiatives - GCC Niagara

Connecting to our Youth – Service to Service

The Garrison Community Council of Niagara is pleased to announce an educational initiative
which will assist Secondary Students across the Region of Niagara, and across the Province,
to acquire the 40 hours of community service credits necessary for graduation.

With the support of our local MPPs Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, our previous Provincial Minister
of Education, Kathleen Wynn signed off a letter extending the community service program to
include assisting families with chores, yard work and snow removal.

Included in this expanded group of qualified service recipients are:

   •  Senior Citizens wishing to remain in their family residence but who may have difficulty
      with household chores and yard work;
   •  Widows and Widowers of Veterans; and,
   •  Military families separated as a result of operational assignments.

The GCC-N is pleased to sponsor this project, and will be seeking the support of the Royal
Canadian Legion Branches throughout the Region, to coordinate and monitor the efforts
of our high school students. To facilitate these efforts the Minister has authorized
direct contact with local High School Principals to provide student power as needed.

We believe this project will facilitate a generational link within the community and introduce
young people to families and individuals who are making or have already made a commitment
to service to Canada.

We hope to have this program ready for roll out in the fall 2010. Watch this site for further
updates and success stories as they unfold.

For more information, on assistance in setting up the program in your neighbourhood,
contact John Richmond at our contact address.