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GCC London's Honouring Veterans Initiative

We are pleased to announce that Colonel Brock A. Millman, CD will be in attendance at our 11 June GCC meeting to be recognized for his service through our GCC Honouring Veterans Initiative.

The GCC’s Honouring Veterans initiative of the Garrison Community Council (London and Region) acknowledges the service of individual Canadian Forces (CF) and RCMP veterans. As well the initiative celebrates our rich military heritage, both past and present, while continuing our traditions of Remembrance. To find out more, please click here

“The Civilian-Military Divide: Bridging the Gap” Premieres at GI Film and on Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S.

Breakout Educational Network's
film ”The Civilian-Military Divide: Bridging the Gap” premiered accross the U.S. on PBS stations. The film explores the current day relationship and disconnect between the civilian population and our military. The film will was also screened at this year’s GI Film Festival’s Congressional Reception, on May 20.
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GCC / 7 Year Project Video

Niagara Vimy Memorial Project

GCC Niagara, in support of The Lincoln & Welland Regiment Foundation, is committed to the restoration of the Vimy Gun as a permanent reminder of, and monument to the bravery, and sacrifice of those who served Canada during the ‘Great War’. Click here for details.
Bringing History Alive

The Gun was brought back to Canada after the war and positioned in Niagara as a reminder of the many sacrifices Canadian families made to battle aggression and build a lasting peace.

Volunteers have commenced the process:

The Vimy Gun has been disassembled prior to repair and restoration. It is our plan to have the gun completely restored and unveiled by November 11, 2014. The Vimy Gun will then be displayed throughout Niagara prior to its formal dedication on the 100th Anniversary of its capture, April 16, 2017.

A commemorative cairn with the story of the gun and a list of all Canadians who have contributed to this project will be installed at the site of the future home of the Memorial - ‘Niagara Military Heritage Centre – Home of the Lincoln and Welland Regimental Museum”.
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GCC London receives certificate of appreciation from
London Military Family Resource Centre
(above left photo) Gary Willaert , Executive Director of the London Military Family Resource Centre presents GCC President Jan Delaney with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of the GCC’s support for military families through the London Military Family Resource Centre.

(above right photo) GCC President Jan Delaney officially welcomes Captain (retd) Ron Patrick and LCol Dan McLean, Chief of Staff , 31 Canadian Brigade Group who also serves as Garrison Advisor to the GCC.

Breakout Educational Network and the University of Alberta’s Civil
Military Leadership Pilot Initiative Launched For Canadian Forces

Minister of Defence Peter MacKay today announced the launch of the Breakout Educational Network’s Civil Military Leadership Pilot Initiative (CMLPI) with a partnership between the University of Alberta and the Canadian Armed Forces. Beginning this September the 4 year pilot program is intended to test the concept for a national program focusing on leadership, citizenship and nation-building. Click here for details.

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Niagara Falls centre helps veterans in need
Louis Frenette, mentioned in the article linked below, is also a member of the Garrison Community Council of Niagara Steering Committee. The establishment of a 'Transitional Housing Unit' or emergency shelter has been adopted by the GCC Niagara as a main focus for this year. The group has facilitated the formation of a committee of community service agencies, the Region of Niagara and the City of Niagara Falls to push ahead with this plan.

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New Lincoln and Welland Regiment Museum Website

Click here to visit the museums new website.

GCC Blog

For more news on our GCC Community, check out our GCC Blog.
Garrison Community Council News

Reason to Reach Out and Remember

On Sunday Apr. 7th, Moncton residents honoured the service and sacrifice of its long-standing military regiment. The 8th Canadian Hussars celebrated its 165th anniversary. The celebration highlighted the close ties the Hussars have had with Moncton and the Province of New Brunswick.
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