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My Naval Career 1954-1957

My Naval Career 1954-1957
By W. Grant Thompson
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This book will mean so much to all of those young men and women who experienced UNTD. And this book will capture all those who were once young and carefree and adventurous and committed. This book will captivate all those who were once young Canadians in their late teens and who enjoy remembering what those imperishable years were really like. And hopefully it will be a call to service for today’s young Canadians. Senator Bill Rompkey

"This valuable memoir rekindles the memories of our youthful adventures in seamanship and citizenship. A must read." Peter C. Newman

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The Public Management Of Defence In Canada

The Public Management Of Defence
In Canada

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The Canadian Forces are undergoing a dynamic change that is bringing both benefits and challenges. Conflict and international security today demands whole of government
solutions and integration of defence with diplomats and development. The Public Management of Defence in Canada opens the "blackbox" of defence administration to the wider public service, NGOs and the academic community. This book is a timely and comprehensive contribution to the scholarship and interest developing in this field..

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A Journey of Leadership
Tom Hoppe: A Journey of Leadership

Tom Hoppe: A Journey of Leadership
Price: $19.99 plus applicable taxes and shipping and handling

Tom Hoppe joined the Canadian Forces in 1982 and served with distinction during a career spanning 20 years. While serving in Bosnia in 1994, Tom Hoppe rescued three children who were being shot at by snipers. In recognition of his conspicuous leadership and bravery under fire, Tom was awarded with both the Meritorious Service Cross and the Medal of Bravery. As Canada’s most decorated soldier during one tour since the Korean War, Tom has been the subject of documentary films, featured in three books, listed in Canada’s “Who’s Who” and had a street named in his honour by the City of Calgary. Since retiring from the forces, Tom Hoppe completed a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training at Royal Roads University. In his first book, Tom shares with us, his “Journey of Leadership”. As Lloyd Robertson, Chief Anchor and Senior Editor of CTV National News says….
“A very personal story by a genuine Canadian hero. Simple yet compelling, Tom Hoppe’s experience in learning the ropes of leadership from the front lines to the front office, has an appeal to all who value honesty and integrity”.

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