Changing Canada's Political Culture
- Leadership Training

During the course of producing documentaries and books about the declining state of Canada's military, the producers of the underground royal commission Report were disheartened by the disconnect existing between Canadians and their military. Research into why it has taken them into the past, to 40 years ago when there was a Canadian Officer Training Program in Canadian Universities. Now in April 2008, a one-hour documentary is in postproduction and it reveals the lifelong benefits enjoyed by many of Canada's foremost business and political leaders from their experiences in the COTP.

The 7 year project believes that a leadership training course would again be of great benefit for young Canadian leaders in the 21 st century. Our documentary producers set out to research and examine how such programs work today. And since Canada cancelled their program in 1968, their video research has been done on the British leadership program and shooting is underway delving into the American officer training program. Plans are being developed for a winter shoot in Australia, to capture the benefits and mechanics of their leadership training program.

This research will inform the launch strategy for a new, made in Canada, Leadership Training Program that enables Canada's leaders of tomorrow to make better quality decisions about the utilization of their military in the implementation of an independent foreign policy. Whether evaluating options to solve problems, managing a team, strategic planning, young Canadian leaders need better training and the 7 year project is looking for a way to make it happen.


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