Pride, Honour, Values and Connection
Embracing Pride
Canadians take pride in the sacrifice of their military in the past and embrace pride in the military today. Pride, morale and success are strongly connected - the more pride the Canadian citizen has in their military - the more effective their military will be. 
The 7 year project supports embracing pride in our military as an essential part of being Canadian. 
Canadian SOldiers working with local populations
Affirming Honour
To maintain defence and security and to support independent foreign relations, Canada ’s word must be its bond. Meeting and fulfilling Canada ’s international commitments has been a matter of honour for members of our armed forces. In return for a soldier’s willingness to risk their life there is a promise made by Canada to support their military family.
The 7 year project is dedicated to affirming that Canada honours its promise.
Canadian Soldier supplying aid
Expressing Values
Canada has never been the aggressor in a war and that underscores our nation’s staunch belief in the right of any country to enjoy peace. Defending peace is a Canadian value and Canada ’s military want to perform actions that reflect and support the values and beliefs of the Canadian people.
The 7 year project shows Canadians how their values
are expressed by their military.
Sailor's family
The connection between men and women in the military and Canadian citizens has been allowed to erode badly. Support for the armed forces from the people they represent is vitally important. There is a clear need to engage Canadians about their role in the defence of Canada and its values.
The 7 year project will renew the Connection between the public and their military.
Remembering Sacrifice and
Canadian Heroes
The 7 year project encourages Canadians to participate in events of remembrance and to discover more about national war memorials. Click on links below for remembrance information, war memorials and stories about Canadian soldiers killed in action.
Highway of Heroes
Traveling along the Highway of Heroes
Paying tribute to those men and women who die in the service of Canada. Click here for details.
Special Peom about a Soldier's Daughter
A young daughter's message to her fallen father.
Click here.
History of the Poppy
Click here to find out more about how the poppy came to be the symbol of our fallen soldiers.
"Eyes Right!"

The "Eyes Right" command is the biggest complement troops on parade
can pay and is reserved for dignitaries in reviewing stands.
A lone young Belgian boy is waiting to salute the Canadian troops passing
by who had been attending a memorial service.

Such class from the Canadian troops - watch what they do for this little boy...

Every now and then something just makes you smile! Be proud of our soldiers.

Vimy Ridge Monument

Saluting Fallen Canadians


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