A Journey on the Canadian Highway of Heroes
Arrival at Trenton

A view from inside one of the lead cars of the repatriation on the highway of heroes ......

When a peacekeeper (Canadian Soldier) is killed in the line of duty, he is flown to a military air base close to Toronto. The body(ies) are then transported to the Coroners Building in Toronto for examination, then released to the family. The highway between the air base in Trenton Ontario and the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto has been renamed the Highway of Heroes in honour of the peacekeepers. Emergency Service workers and Citizens line the route to pay tribute to these men and women who die in the service of Canada.

These pictures taken are from several of the repatriation ceremonies that have taken place. They were taken from a vehicle in the procession.

One of the people I work with on the Ontario Police Memorial is being deployed currently to Afghanistan. Stu Kellock is his name and he was in charge of these ceremonies prior to being called up to active duty. These pictures give you a different prospective on the scores of people that go out and pay respects to these soldiers.

It is a very moving experience to see this event and is seldom a dry eyed event. The families of the fallen respond to the people on the bridges as they pass.

Click on one of the images to view video.

Peasekeeper's body unloaded from the aircraft
Firefighters paying tribute
Police salute


Highway of Heroes sign

Lest We Forget

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