The Seven Year-Project Team
Inta D. Irwin
  Inta D. Erwin
is the President of Breakout Educational Network and brings 35 years of broadcast experience from TVOntario and the CBC to this role. In addition to a strong background in corporate management, she has also produced numerous documentaries, developed video material for University level Political Science courses and published 19 books for Breakout Educational Network.
Rob Roy   Rob Roy
is a veteran of Stornoway Productions and the head of the 7-Year Project. A respected television professional, Rob has produced documentaries on the hard hitting issues of the day, from civil war to criminal activities, earning him numerous industry awards and accolades.
John Richmond   John Richmond
brings to the team over 22 years military experience with the Canadian Armed Forces and 17 years of experience in organizational development, training and communications in the private sector. As Director of Community Outreach, John leads our Seven Year Project roll out with liaison and facilitation responsibilities to assist communities in the establishment of Garrison Community Councils across Canada.
Dr. Douglas Bland   Dr. Douglas Bland
is Professor and Chair of Defence Management Studies in the Queen’s University School of Policy Studies. His research is concentrated in the fields of defence policy making and management, defence ministries and civil-military relations.
Paul Kemp   Paul Kemp
is the president of Stornoway Productions and oversees all documentaries for the company. His documentaries have aired nationwide on Global TV, Prime, PBS and iChannel. Paul has authored two books investigating the current political issues facing Canada.
Mercedes Stephenson   Mercedes Stephenson
hosts the ichannel series, “MSI (Mercedes Stephenson Investigates)” and is also one of the hosts of “It’s Your Government”. She has provided defence commentary for CBC, CTV and Global TV amongst others. Mercedes has worked for the Pentagon where she was awarded the Frank Shakespeare Award for Broadcast Journalism from Georgetown University and the Institute for Political Journalism. Mercedes has studied at the University of Calgary ’s Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, Georgetown University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Centre for International Studies.
Criss Hajek   Criss Hajek
is the Project Director for Stornoway Productions, managing both business and creative aspects of television production and development. Her experience in the television industry spans over two decades. She was a freelance editor and writer for 4 years after leaving the CBC where she held several positions in her 18-year career, the last as Director of International Sales, Acquisitions & Co-Productions.
Eric MacArthur   Eric MacArthur
retired after thirty-six years in the Canadian Forces and now consults on leadership and planning processes.  He provided advice on the early development of the 7 Year Project and continues to provide perspectives on the proposed National Leadership Program initiative.










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