Connecting To Canadians

When a military holds up a mirror, it must see the reflection of the nation it represents.

"There's absolutely no way that an army of any state can sustain a war fighting role without the full support of the people behind it. And I think this connection between the army and the people, is more important really than the connection between army and government."
Lt. Colonel (ret.) John English

The 7 year project team believes that more Canadians should be encouraged to expand their definition of an active informed citizen by adding to it a sense of shared responsibility for their country's defence and security.

For many Canadians just around the corner or in the block down the street, there's a weekend warrior, a citizen/soldier who could be called to the frontlines in Afghanistan at any time. The 7 year project aims to encourage a fuller more complete definition of citizenship by assisting communities to re-connect with their Garrisons of Army, Navy and Air Force Reservists sprinkled through neighbourhoods in 20 communities coast to coast.

Sharing skills and responsibilities, education and inspiration, the Garrison Community Council in London Ontario, provides a model for how one community and it's Reservists have taken advantage of each other in the best way. In London they have an integrated group connecting Reservist capabilities with emergency services, local businesses and children's educational organizations, offering connections to the technology, science and skills of the modern Reserves.

Promoting the development of Garrison Community Councils is underway on two fronts; first by providing a package of information on the benefits of a GCC and how to make one, and secondly producing regional history documentaries that celebrate often forgotten stories of how these communities came into being, highlighting their achievements both military and civilian.

Blending local Leadership, the military Family and community Fellowship with a larger sense of national Responsibility, is a worthy goal and the underlying motivation for the 7 year project's work to promote the emergence of Garrison Community Councils nationwide.

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"The mission of the 7-Year Project is to reconnect cultural and historic links between Canadians and their military".


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