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British citizens have preserved a connection with their military largely by maintaining a relationship between their armed forces and their universities. Each year hundreds of students elect to pass through the University Officer Training Corps to receive military and leadership training. This adventure not only provides students with an opportunity to serve their country, it is a great way to make social connections and have fun. Could this program work for Canada? A Canadian doctor sets out to discover for himself what makes the UOTC the best club on campus!

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Available in HD
Price: $19.99 plus applicable taxes and shipping and handling

In a by-gone era, the bells at Canadian universities once rang out in tribute for students in uniform, when young people received army, navy and air force training on campus. Through the decisive decades of the 20th Century, the programs of the Canadian Officers Training Corps produced leaders of business, politics and the military. Then, in 1968, the COTC was suddenly abolished. No Country for Young Men revisits the memories of Canada’s lost tradition of university military training when citizenship, leadership and service were part of a university education.
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