UPRISING– by Douglas Bland
– Kevin Patterson

Douglas Bland's UPRISING is a story of a modern day revolution happening in one of the most unlikely places you can think of - Canada. Seems Improbable? If you take into consideration regular media reports of impoverished living conditions, disintegrating housing, failed schools, foul drinking water, the crumbling infrastructure on native reserves, native protests over land claim issues in places like Caledonia, the Oka standoff, the fatal shooting of Dudley George at Ipperwash, then maybe Canada isn't such an unlikely stage for a revolt after all.

Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Bland served in the Canadian Forces for more than thirty years as a professional soldier before retiring. Currently he is a professor in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston where he also holds the Chair in Defence Management Studies. As an author and editor, he has been involved in producing seven books and a significant number of monographs and articles in professional journals. His most recent book, UPRISING, is the product of four years of research into the root causes of national insurgencies and aboriginal affairs in this country.

In UPRISING, Douglas Bland delivers a political thriller that at times seems frighteningly real. This is a story of failed political leadership, overstretched military forces and a national crises that has repercussions far beyond the borders of Canada. It details what can happen when an oppressed people's desperation and anger is turned against a dominant culture.

This is a story packed full of memorable characters like the charismatic Molly Grace whose magnetic personality has drawn in a flock of committed disciples. Molly cares little about what happens to the rest of Canada. What she desires is a first nations community that acts as one body and a re-awakening of native dignity and spirituality. Perhaps the most ruthless character we encounter is Prime Minister Jack Hemp. His road to the top includes smearing his political rivals and a multitude of empty campaign promises. He has no understanding of National Defence and security issues and completely misjudges the threat Molly Grace and her legion of followers pose.

Through the Molly Grace's military commanders Captain Alexander Gabriel, Warrant Officer Will Boucanier and Colonel Sam Stevenson (all former members of the Canadian Forces), the reader is afforded a detailed look at some of elements involved in military strategy and planning along with some detailed battle sequences.

The overall plan of Molly Grace and her group: attack the nation's most vulnerable assets-its abundant energy resources and hinder rescue efforts from Canada's security and military forces. The ensuing insurrection has serious impacts on the economies of both Canada and the United States and devastating consequences to the very make up of Canada as a sovereign nation.

Uprising is a long and complex read. If you are willing expend the time and effort needed it’s well worth it!


Douglas Bland

Patrick Boyer introducing
Douglas Bland & Dorris Heffron.




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