The Veterans

About the Documentary THE VETERANS and THE PREMIERE

The documentary series, The Veterans, illustrates the impact of Canada’s participation in foreign conflicts and crises on Canada, Canadians and the military and covers the period from the First World War up to and including Afghanistan. The Veterans consists of 52 episodes each of 40 minutes in length. The project was three years in the making, was a volunteer, not-for-profit undertaking and contains interviews with and location filming of veterans, serving men and women of the Canadian Forces (CF) in Canada and around the world, the Canadian defence and security industry, DFAIT, CIDA, CSC, RCMP, CWM, police forces, NGOs, the military colleges, military historians and a host of other Canadians.

The documentary is a gift to the Canadian people and is of particular relevance to young Canadians, tomorrow’s leaders, as it emphasizes civics, citizenship, nation building and leadership. This is a unique, historical account of Canada’s military and the impact and contributions made by our gallant veterans and military personnel. It is a tribute to them and the manifold sacrifices for which they are remembered and commemorated. Select episodes of documentary can be viewed at by clicking on the logo The Veterans. The entire documentary including the original footage will be available in the CWM’s archives and military history research department.

The production team consists of Daniel R. Rodrique (producer and director), Colonel (Retd) Andrew Nellestyn OStJ HCE PhD (Co-producer) and Don MacKinnon (President Power Workers Union of Ontario and principal sponsor).

The premiere features the CF String Ensemble, the Royal Military College of Canada Kingston Precision Drill Team, the Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party, Piper Highland Mist Pipe Band, Navy/Army/Air Force/Saint John Ambulance cadets and Eastern Ontario vocalists Kevin Rivette and Andrea Nellestyn.









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