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Quebec 400th Documentary
Quebec Documentary
The 7 Year Project is in production of a landmark documentary of the spirit of the Quebecers who made this beautiful city.

Quebec Documentary
Quebec Documentary - Update
An update on the filming of the landmark documentary during the 400th Anniversary of Quebec.
Battle of Quebec 1775
The story of how the French and the British worked together to halt an Amercian invasion.
The Snowbirds: Canada's Aerobatic Ambassadors
Canada's favourite ariel ambassadors are part of a long tradition of flight.
Journey Along Highway of Heroes Take A Journey Along The Highway of Heroes
Communities turn out along the "Highway of Heroes" to honour our fallen soldiers.
Niagara Military's Past and Present
3rd Annual Symposium November 6th & 7th, 2009.
Struggle on the Plains of Abraham Plains Of Abraham
The story of the Royal Navy's part in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham
HMCS Bonaventure Canada's Last Aircraft Carrier
The story of HMCS Bonaventure.
Canadian Soldiers providing security Afghanistan's Long Bloody History
The story of Afghanistan's long struggle and Canada's recent involvement
The Maiden of Maiden Flights
Find out more about Clara Adams, the ‘real’ first woman of flight.










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